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Immigration Policy Changes

What’s Next After the Affordable Care Act?

Starting Your Startup

Don’t Run Afoul of U.S. Sanctions

Finding the Center

Wearable Medical Devices

Right to Try Act

Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling

‘Due Process” Should Apply to Undocumented Immigrants

A Salute to Pro Bono Legal Service

Mental Health Issues in the Legal Profession

Law Firms Expanding Their Practice Groups

Law Firms Picking up Lateral Partners

Self-Driving Vehicles Raise Liability Concerns

No Sign of a Let-up in South Florida’s Real Estate Run

New Residential Development Focuses on Infill Locations

Asset Recoveries

Millennials Shaping South Florida Real Estate Markets

Privacy and Social Media

Guarding Against the Risk of Deportation

Attorney-Client Privilege Is Far from Dead

Foster Care Program Urgently Needs to Change

Aggresive Tax Scams

Rate and Cost Concerns

Real Estate Developers

Trade Considerations

FIU Legal Analysis of FIU Bridge Collapse

A Fresh Look at Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gift Annuities

Tax Withholding

EB-5 Investor Program

Protection from Abuse

Estate Plans

Business Visas

Preventing Harassment and Discrimination

Cannabis Bank?

Public Health

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Check Ups

To SBA or Not to SBA?

Cannabis Law #3

‘How can I evict a tenant from my apartment building?’

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