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By the time this edition arrives in your hands, the presidential elections will be just a few weeks away. It seems that the country is quite divided along party lines and the outcome of the national races may be very close. Given those circumstances, I encourage you to make an educated decision about the candidates for President and Congress, as well as the upcoming state and local races.

Certainly, whoever is sworn in as President on January 20, 2013, will have a daunting task ahead in dealing with the economy. Of course there are other issues to consider as well. It is probably natural instinct that leads us to be passionate about certain “rights” we feel are “absolute.” That could be the right to bear arms, the right to abortion, the right of freedom of expression, the right to partner with whomever, and probably hundreds of other rights out there. But no matter what rights you feel passionate about, nothing is and should be more relevant to this election than the economy. If we don’t get the “right” economy, all other rights are in peril.

So, I encourage you to go out and vote for the right people and demand that they understand that they are elected to office to serve the people, not the other way around.

Looking past the election, it is my pleasure to announce that we plan to launch a fourth publication during 2013. This spring we will publish a new South Florida Legal Guide Spanish-language edition. This edition will circulate among the growing and diverse Latin population in the tri-county region. It will include our top listings and well as features and stories presenting leading attorneys, CPAs and financial professionals to a broad Spanish-speaking consumer audience. I invite you to accompany us as we take another step forward on our journey.

In the meantime, all of us at South Florida Legal Guide will continue to work hard on your behalf and strive to do a better job each day. As the headline for this column indicates, our staff has not been alone in building a strong family of publications. For the past 13 years we have had incredible support from South Florida’s attorneys, CPAs and the financial community. We greatly appreciate the support from our guest contributors, advertisers, legal organizations and most importantly our readers.

To all, a big thank you!

Jacob Safdeye

South Florida Legal Guide 2012 Financial Edition

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