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The Value of Face to Face
Attorneys, accountants, bankers and other professionals walk around glued to their smartphones and tablets. Like everyone else in America today, we rely on our mobile devices to stay in touch with the office, with our clients and, of course, our family and friends.
At times the 24/7 presence of our smartphone apps, text, emails, Facebook posts, and occasional voicemails seems like a blessing. Certainly, we can all respond much quickly to our clients’ needs and be productive at any time of the day and night. At other times, that instant access can seem like a curse, if you’re trying to enjoy a quiet dinner, “date night” or family activities with your children. 
While I also rely on my aging iPhone and trusty “go-anywhere” laptop to stay in touch, I have steadily come to appreciate the value of face-to-face contact in our digital age. Each year, I look forward to interviewing our Distinguished Attorneys, and the key partners at our Prominent Law Firms for the annual edition of our South Florida Legal Guide. It is a pleasure to hear their stories and share them with you in our publication.  
During the year, we also host several face-to-face events, including social receptions and roundtable panel discussions, in partnership with leading institutions serving the legal, accounting and financial communities. Time after time, I have seen attendees at these in-person events exchange business cards, talk about their current cases, and build or strengthen those important personal connections. 
Since 2000, our annual edition has serve as a valued guide to our region’s Top Attorneys, Top Law Firms, Top Up-and-Comers and Top Financial Professionals in Litigation Support. Our professionals and firms have all been nominated by their peers and their credentials have been carefully vetted by our research team.  Therefore, our lists include the “cream of the crop” in regard to the legal and litigation support professions. 
This issue of South Florida Legal Guide also contains a diverse selection of Professional Forum articles on timely issues in of law, finance and business that have been written by leading professionals. It also features in-depth Profiles of a select group of our top professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service to their clients. 
I would like to personally thank our partners, sponsors and advertisers who support South Florida Legal Guide, as well as our readers who value our publication as a convenient year-round guide to our region’s top professionals.  We look forward to another great year!
South Florida Legal Guide 2016 Edition
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