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Choosing the Right Professionals

When you embark on a business endeavor, require ongoing service or find yourself caught up in a dispute, it's very important to have the right professionals on your side. A skilled lawyer, accountant or banker with experience in similar situations can help you navigate the complexities of the business and financial worlds.

Fortunately, South Florida has many knowledgeable and learned practitioners in diverse fields of practice who can help you avoid pitfalls and achieve your goals. Since South Florida Legal Guide was founded more than 17 years ago, our publication has consistently focused on identifying the top lawyers and accountants in a wide range of disciplines to guide you in that search. If you are faced with a business, legal or financial challenge or an opportunity, we suggest that you contact the right professional. If you try to go it alone, the results are likely to be less than ideal, and you may wind up spending more money than you expected.

Yet, it is also a must for us, as clients, to be vigilant throughout the engagement. As our cover feature indicates, attorneys and accountants are not perfect. They make mistakes from time to time. Other problems occur when their interests might not be aligned with ours, or there is a serious misunderstanding or failure in the communication process. Thus, we must trust but verify. At the end of the day it is to our own benefit that we work with our professional service provider to achieve our desired results.

One of the most interesting changes to our business and legal landscape is the launch and implementation of the medical marijuana industry. For this issue, we reached out to attorneys and accountants in different fields to gather their perspectives on how medical marijuana will impact South Florida in areas like healthcare, real estate and business opportunities. It's a complex situation in many ways, because of the conflict between state law and federal criminal regulations.

On another note, South Florida legal, accounting and financial professionals are constantly making news. Whether closing mega deals, settling major lawsuits or donating their time to important pro bono causes, these accomplishments are mostly shared inside professional circles.

But we believe there is a great deal of value in informing the public in general about the achievements of professionals who may be able to help them in present and future situations. We will continue to highlight their work in our future monthly issues of South Florida Legal Guide.

Jacob Safdeye


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