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  • By Stanley I. Foodman Feb, 7st 2018

    [Tax Compliance] Forensic accounting has been described as an “art and science” that investigates people and money. Forensic accountants are known for tracing funds (following the money), uncovering hidden assets and educating involved parties as to potential damages. In simple words, a forensic accountant will hunt until the money is found, make sure that money is applied to the right… Read Complete Article...

  • By Richard Westlund Mar, 7rd 2018

    Mental illness is one of our nation’s most serious public health problems. It is often invisible and usually ignored in our society. Think of a child who threatens his parents, a homeless person who hears voices or an elderly person who can no longer live on her own. Today, an estimated 40 million Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar… Read Complete Article...

Leon N. Patricios

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Leon N. Patricios:

Zumpano Patricios
312 Minorca Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: 305.444.5565
Leon N. Patricios leads the litigation practice at Zumpano Patricios.  He focuses on healthcare-related litigation, including managed care contract disputes, complex commercial cases, terrorism related cases, and employment litigation. Patricios also has experience in ad valorem tax, family law, and…
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