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Maurici Llado: Banking

Maurici Llado

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Sabadell United Bank

1111 Brickell Ave., 30th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: 305.350.1200


Maurici Llado is the executive vice president responsible for Commercial, Middle Market and Corporate Banking at Sabadell Americas. He brings 25 years of experience in the financial sector, working for Spanish banks like Banco Santander, Banco Atlantico and Banco Sabadell. Llado has been with Sabadell Americas for the past 15 of those years, including three years as the regional manager of South America’s Southern Cone overseeing 6 countries, and 12 years as general manager for the international branches of Banco Atlantico and Banco Sabadell in Miami. Since 2008, he has been dedicated to the development of Sabadell America’s Corporate Banking business. Llado has a broad expertise which encompasses international and domestic banking, and functionally, corporate, commercial, and correspondent banking, as well as project finance. Llado received his B.A. in law from the Universidad de Barcelona, Spain.

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