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South Florida Legal Guide’s annual Financial Edition focuses on the intersection of law, accounting and banking services, and how professionals in these fields team up to serve their clients.
Our feature articles in this issue focus on timely topics in the field of insurance, as well as the role of venture capital and private equity in business ventures. Our roundtable discussion provides a look at trends in the flow of international investment into South Florida’s residential and commercial real estate markets, and the outlook for the coming year.
Attorneys, accountants, bankers, real estate brokers and other professionals are compensated for their ability to help clients resolve problems and achieve their goals.
That might mean structuring a complex merger or acquisition, advising on tax or risk mitigation strategies, or representing a client in a business transaction or litigation. On the personal side, it might mean developing a solid estate plan or managing a family’s investment portfolio.
But experienced South Florida professionals look beyond the fees, commissions and other financial rewards they receive from effectively representing their clients. Instead, they measure success in terms of the outcome for their clients, such as a positive transaction, investment, settlement or verdict. They also derive a great deal of satisfaction from building their relationships with clients on both a personal and professional level.
In addition, many professionals also enjoy the process of learning from their client engagements. They might work with a company in a new line of business or represent a client in an unusual medical or product liability case. And there are always changes in the financial world from the daily fluctuations in currency to the introduction of new investment products and risk-management strategies.
These are some of the reasons why so many professionals are intrigued by the world of finance. In this issue, you can read what they have to say about timely challenges and opportunities in the legal and financial arenas in our Professional Forum. We have also in-depth Profiles of a select group of our financial and legal professionals.
Once again, we thank our readers, sponsors and advertisers for you support over the past 16 years and invite your feedback as we look to the future.
Richard Westlund
South Florida Legal Guide 2015 Financial  Edition
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